The Cancer Cliff Notes
with Jenn Cochran

The cancer journey is unique for everyone. In the beginning we are all diagnosed, often barraged with treatment plans/options, a parade of appointments, family, friends, neighbors all want to support us and check in regularly. Then treatment is over. We emerge on the other side. Life gets a little lonelier and we are no longer the same. Our body has been through surgeries, chemo, radiation, hormone therapies, etc.

It is time to figure out our new normal and there is no one-size fits all manual. The Cancer Cliff Notes Podcast is here to help you and your support system make the leap from surviving to thriving even on those days you might just want to stay in bed. Check in each week for wellness strategies from experts on living your new normal to the best of your ability every day, get tips from other survivors and participate in the conversation over in the Facebook group.

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